1109 Tara Goddess 18 cm KDH


In Hinduism, Tara (Sanskrit: तारा; Tārā) is the second of the ten Mahawidya (Goddesses of Wisdom). According to the Tantric tradition, he is an incarnation of Mahadewi, Kali or even Parvati.


There is an oral story that was passed down from generation to generation about the Goddess Tara. The legend begins with the churning of the ocean of milk by the gods and the giants. From the stirring process of the ocean of milk, a deadly poison emerged which was then drunk by Lord Shiva to save the world from destruction. After drinking the poison, his neck turned blue and his strength weakened. Then Tara appeared and took Shiva's back. Tara breastfed him, and the milk that was produced was successful as an antidote so that Shiva regained consciousness. This legend is like the story of Shiva who tried to stop Kali's ferocity by disguising himself as a baby. When he saw the baby, Kali's maternal instincts began to emerge and she stopped being vicious to care for the incarnate baby Shiva.



6 Piece
80 gr
Approx. Height / Length
18 cm
Gods and Goddess

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